Sunday, October 07, 2007

Still having problems with Google’s front end to blogs. Think I’ve worked it out for this post.

Cognitive function.
I’ve noticed that compared to some people that my thinking isn’t as rigorous as it could be. This has been going on for a good year or so. I’ve been referred to a specialized clinical psychologist. She interviewed me once a week for three weeks and then produced a report about my thinking skills. I’m now working with my main clinical psychologist to discuss and react to the report.

As an attempt to get some thing going, I’ve bought a Nintendo DS Lite with a copy of “more brain training”. Its proving to be quite addictive. And my thinking seems a little clearer these days.

Fun stuff – Babylon 5 style.
For years now, me and a social worker (call them ASW_RPG for now :) have been knocking around the idea of running roleplaying games. Nothing much came of it. Then I bought some Babylon 5 (B5) RPG (Role Playing Game) stuff along with the core rules for the B5 wargame. We’re going to play it at Morpeth Gaming Club, at the hospital

On closer examination, it is less demanding to play a wargame than it is to run a RPG. Later on, ASW_RPG and I may play the RPG. I’m getting hold of the gaming books and, hopefully one day I will have enough concentration to run a RPG.