Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Well, its been two weeks since I've been discharged. I've been meeting friends and generally getting on with things (cooking food, drinking wine). My biggest project at the moment is moving my furniture around in preparation for getting my (gas) central heating installed. I've found that having sky (the £20/month version) is helpful - there is less silence in the house which means its harder for the voices to take control. And I've got PRN medication.

And I've been sorting out my (SuSE Linux 9.1 Pro Update) computer - it turned out that the permissions of /dev/null were wrong which resulted in my email client, KMail, to give strange errors and cause my web browser, Mozilla, to crash silently - although if you ran it from an xterm, you'd get error messages about /dev/null being read only.

And I'm working (with other people) to shift an old web site from HTML 3.2 to XHTML and CSS. We're having difficulty having it look nice on all sorts of different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, KDE Konqueror, Netscape/Mozilla).

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