Wednesday, March 06, 2013

In the UK press there is some debate about a person with schizophrenia killing someone.

Most schizophrenics aren't dangerous. However, some are and strangely enough it makes it easier to predict when a schizophrenic is about to become dangerous. Here are the key warning signs:-
  • Stopping taking medication for a certain amount of time.
  • Being overlooked by mental health services or social services.
  • Declaring that they are about to become violent.
If you know someone suffering with schizophrenia, try these coping strategies for non-schizophrenics out:-
  • See NHS Direct's website.
  • Ask your GP for advice.
  •  Treat them as you would any other member of society.
  • If you know them well enough, ask them how they are coping with their illness.
Here are some coping strategies for dealing with "hearing voices" (auditory hallucinations) that have been collated:-
  • Ground self in present. (Look around you carefully to reassure yourself everything is OK).
  • Think of consequences of actions. (Especially if you are feeling paronoid and/or aggressive).
  • Try reading a newspaper, magazine or book.
  • Watch TV, listen to radio or CD or mp3 player.
  • If on a bus and you don't feel comfortable, look out of a window or change seats.
  • Phone NHS/social services staff that you are in contact with.
  • Try breathing slowly and deeply to calm yourself down.
  • Remember all the achievements you have accomplished in the past. There will be more to come.
  • Use PRN (medication prescribed for use "as and when necessary").

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Anonymous said...

The tabloids also seem to overlook coverage of crimes where someone with Schizophrenia is the victim.