Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reasons why Sheldon is not like me.

  1. Sheldon plays MMORPGs (World of Warcraft) online. I run a RPG (Traveller) IRL (In Real Life).
  2. Sheldon has a Doctorate in Physics. I have a Degree in I.T (Information Technology).
  3. Sheldon writes Java applets. I am a C++ programmer migrating from Windows to Linux.
  4. Sheldon reads Marvell Comics. I read Sandman graphics novels.
  5. Sheldon watches science fiction written by amateurs. I read science fiction written by gifted authors.
  6. Sheldon says Bazinga. I say Woot Woot.
  7. Sheldon endlessly promotes his high intelligence. I endlessly promote FLOSS (free) software especially Linux.

Reasons why Sheldon is like me.

  1. We've both got OCD.
  2. We're both highly susceptible to stimulants.

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